LCHF Shopping in Lidl

Enid here


Lidl is a discount German supermarket that came to Ireland about 15 years ago (someone can correct me on this!) at about the same time as Aldi. Since then both of these supermarkets have proliferated and are in most Irish towns – with some small villages even having both of them!

In Ranelagh there is only Aldi while a short stroll away in Rathmines there is both a Lidl and Aldi.  This morning after taking the dog for a walk I called to the post office to pay a few bills and buy Christmas Card stamps and afterwards I stopped off at Lidl to buy a few items.

For breakfast I bought eggs and bacon (when I got home I made scrambled eggs with butter and had 2 rashers along with the egg).  I also had a coffee with double cream in it.

The cream is a very reasonable price in Lidl and even better priced is their chocolate which they have very dark varieties of – I bought 81% this morning.  It’s dark and bitter and goes perfectly with a glass of wine or as a late night treat when you are watching TV and want something to nibble on.

The final item I bought in Liidl was the Greek style yoghurt.  It has some carbs in it (5g in 100g) but I add cream to it to increase my fat consumption when I eat it for lunch.

All of the above food cost a total of €10.23 and as you can see Lidl is the prefect place to supplement your Low Carb High Fat shopping!