A quick dinner – for when you are hungry!

Amy here.

Sometimes you are tired and hungry coming home from work and you just need FOOD.  This for me used to be the dangerzone because I’d come home and poke in the fridge, find some chocolate (appetiser!) and have a bowl of cereal for mains.


Whereas now, I find LCHF just so easy….for example this evening, a cold, dark, Irish evening and as above I was hungry (unusual it must be said when following a LCHF lifestyle) so I whipped up something lovely creamy, cheesy and fatty.


I had some ready made chicken (shredded chicken) in a packet in the fridge.  I threw that in a pot with some cream.


I quickly grated some parmesan cheese and melted it into the cream on a low heat.


Finally I lightly whisked an egg in a mug with a fork, and threw it in to the mix at the very end to thicken it all up – be careful, take it off the heat – you don’t want to get scrambled eggs!




Black pepper, et voila!