Carb Flu

Enid here.

When transitioning off Carbs we found that both of us suffered terribly with “Carb Flu”.

Symptoms included shivery achy bodies along with with brain fog.  For about 2 whole weeks my head was very muggy indeed.  Even the simplest of tasks like sending an email needed a huge amount of concentration.  However once you get through this stage you will begin to feel so much better with all sugar cravings and hunger pangs gone forever.

To get over “Carb Flu”, I drank a lot of water and tried to stay warm by using a hot water bottle.  I also took painkillers to ease some of the achy feeling.

For brain fog I took a fish oil supplement which hopefully aided my transition.

Another way of avoiding crab flu is to slowly reduce carb intake – however we are all or nothing girls and we just preferred to go cold turkey!!

Do let me know if you have experienced any thing like carb flu when cutting carbs and adding fat to your diet?


Nutrition Study Update

Enid here!

This morning we had an early start – we were back in a Dublin University at 6.30am for a visit with researchers in the Nutrition Study that we are involved in.

For the past 24hrs we were doing a urine collection which was fairly revolting.  We handed over a large container of urine (gross!) and then as per our last visit we detailed all that we ate yesterday,

We then hopped up on the Tanita Scales to have our weight and body mass measured.  My body fat was the same as two weeks ago but Amy’s had gone down by 1%!  Go Amy!

We also gave 2ml of saliva in order for a DNA test to be carried out to show whether we are identical or fraternal twins.  We have been DNA tested before so we know we are identical but presumably the researchers need to have the results from their own test for their work to be considered sound.


Get your gym on!

Amy here!

It is difficult to find exercise that suits you and you like.  But that is the very thing that you must do!

Don’t like the gym?
There are lots and lots of things that don’t involve the gym but do involve working out

On your commute home from work why not get off the train or bus a couple of stops earlier – enough to do a 45 minute walk or a 30 minute run.

Learn to love the gym!
I never enjoyed the gym. That is until I actually spoke with my gym instructor and told her my goals and asked her to show me all the machines I should be using. She was so helpful, showed me every machine and suggested that I might like the Cross Trainer – which I LOVE now – and most importantly talked me through all the weights machines.  Now I regularly do weights which I absolutely adore and which I can really see working and sculpting my body (It is very rewarding “feeling the burn” in my muscles)

Group activity
Get a group together to play a group sport.  I play volleyball once a week.  It is so much fun.  It doesn’t feel like a workout, but my red face at the end of the session tells another story!

Running – try, try again
I’ve tried to run in the past.  It just never “worked” for me.
I am now running twice a week at lunchtime.  What’s different?
I am going out with a group – the group energy is fantastic.
I got myself a nice pair of running shoes.  I didn’t spend a fortune but enough that I feel supported and good while I am running.
I am running very very slowly.  I think in the past I simply ran too fast and could not keep going.  My aim now is just to stay running (slowly) for the distance or time I am aiming to go out for.  Next step is to up the pace.

Exercise Classes
I find it is great to follow an instructor.  I take spinning classes which I really enjoy.  It is good to have an instructor to guide you through the class and push you that little bit more.

Have you any advice on how to get more exercise into your life?

Working out on Low Carb High Fat

Enid here!

How to get results from working out:

  • Do Strength Training
  • Have patience
  • Believe in yourself
  • Don’t look for results on the scales
  • Look for changes in your body and measurements
  • Eat well – lots of fat and very little carbs

I works out with weights following the Fitness Blender YouTube workouts

Here’s some of the different kettle bells and weights that I use when I workouts.



All the weights get stored away in this very convenient storage hatch in my hallway.


Feel free to join in on the Fitness Blender workouts – here’s Day 1 of a 5 Day Challenge for Busy People (each workout is only a half hour long!)

For more information read this two great articles from Men’s Journal explaining all about fat and why we need it.  We especially like this one that outlines why a “pork chop trumps pasta” or this one that explains the High Fat diet.

Eating out on LCHF

Yesterday Amy and I met up in Dublin City and spent a fun day out and about.

We stopped off for breakfast when we first met and ate Bacon and Sausage.  We drank coffee which we added lots of cream to.

Later at lunchtime we decided to go to Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill on Dawson Street.  When eating LCHF and dining out, steaks are probably one of the easiest foods to choose.  Just remember to add extra butter or choose a creamy sauce and never cut off your fat!!

I should also mention that we completely ignored the bread basket that was put down in front of us when we sat down to order.

LCHF Eating

Both of us chose the rump steak special – the steak was covered in lots of Cafe de Paris herb butter.  We didn’t eat any fries as they are exactly what we avoid when eating LCHF.

Have you any Low Carb High Fat dining out tips?

Losing weight on LCHF

We have found that eating LCHF is a way of both controlling our sugar desires and also losing weight.  Losing weight is something that we both need to do.  It can be frustrating when weight loss is slow but for us we constantly remind ourselves that it took a while to put weight on so you need to give it time to come off too.

Here are a few tips to avoid slow weight loss anxiety

  • Only weigh yourself once a week.
  • Rather than weighing yourself consider measuring your waist instead
  • Focus on how good you feel or how lose your clothes are
  • Remember that we all lose weight at different speeds depending on age, activity levels, genetics
  • Remind yourself that if you don’t eat healthily and work out your weight gain will only increase

We were lucky to get our body mass tested fairly recently.  I won’t reveal what our fat content was but lets just say it wasn’t pretty.  Although we weren’t happy to see what out body fat was it gives us a started point and hopefully in 2 or 3 months we will see a better result.

Bod Pod determines Body Composition (Fat and Fat Free Mass)

Bod Pod determines Body Composition (Fat and Fat Free Mass)

Almond Butter Fat Bombs

Fatbombs are a great way of adding additional fat to your diet.

To make these Fatbombs you will need

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Butter
  • Coconut Butter/Oil
  • Almond Butter

Fat Bomb Ingredients

We normally make Fatbombs using Coconut Oil but on this occasion we used Coconut Butter


And this was also the first time we put Almond Butter in our Fatbombs

Almond Butter

Step 1 is to melt 150g of Coconut Butter with 150g of regular butter (we think Kerrygold Irish Butter is best)

Melted Fats

Step 2 – Break 125g of the darkest chocolate into to small pieces


Step 3 – Melt the chocolate in the butter

Melted Chocolate

Step 4 Spoon some melted mixture into baking cases and then add a half spoon full of Almond Butter

Fat Bombs

Final Step Top with more mixture and then place in the freezer to set

Freeze Fatbombs

These Fatbomb candies are a tasty way to add fat to your diet and we think they have a strong resemblance to a Reeces Peanut Butter Cup.

Do you eat Fatbombs?  Let us know if you make these!