High Fat Snacks (Low Carb)

Enid here

High Fat Snacks

Here’s a handy go-to guide of what we eat as LCHF snacks

1. Greek yoghurt with added double cream

2. Half an avocado stuffed with cream cheese

3. Scrambled eggs made with butter (Of course we use Kerrygold because we are Irish!)

4.  Coffee with double cream and butter

5. Macademia Nuts

6. Almond Butter

7. Fat bombs

8.  Bowl of whipped cream with  a few chopped strawberries (if craving dessert)

9. Mascarpone cheese

10.  Cream cheese stuffed smoked salmon

And of course bacon and cheese!!

Twing Twing1

It seems to be in work that we mainly have issues on what to eat when looking for a small snack (at home you can just raid the fridge!)

We tend to eat Greek yoghurt in work with added double cream and sometimes a few nuts.  A cube of cheese is always a good option and then the ultimate hunger slayer is a cup of “Magic Coffee” – Coffee, double cream and butter – Delicious!


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