Perfect Poached Eggs

Amy here

Perfect Poached Eggs

There are a number of foods you will find invaluable as part of your LCHF lifestyle.  Eggs being one of them!
I love eggs because they are so versatile – boil them and take them into work for lunch, scramble for a quick breakfast, use as a thickener with cream and parmesan cheese for an easy white (cheese) sauce) and finally for an opulent weekend breakfast.brunch there is nothing like poached eggs.
Poached eggs however, is something I struggled with for years and years.  My poaching tends to end up with straggly raggy (ugly!) eggs with half the whites left in the pan.  That is until I found out about the clingfilm method.
Place clingfilm across ramekin
Add salt, pepper and two/three drops of oil to the clingfilm.  The oil is essential – to stop the egg sticking to the clingfilm
Gather clingfilm upwards and form a “basket”.
Get rid of all air and twist the clingfilm to form little ball of egg.
Place into pan (I use a wok!) of boiling water.
Set your timer for 4 minutes
Result: Two perfectly formed poached eggs.  I have shown one upwards and one downwards on the plate here.
This recipe is just for the poached eggs.  As part of your LCHF diet you now need to add some fat!
I suggest:
A big lump of butter on each
Benedict sauce
Cream cheese and chives
Grated cheddar cheese
Bon appetit!

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