Carb Flu

Enid here.

When transitioning off Carbs we found that both of us suffered terribly with “Carb Flu”.

Symptoms included shivery achy bodies along with with brain fog.  For about 2 whole weeks my head was very muggy indeed.  Even the simplest of tasks like sending an email needed a huge amount of concentration.  However once you get through this stage you will begin to feel so much better with all sugar cravings and hunger pangs gone forever.

To get over “Carb Flu”, I drank a lot of water and tried to stay warm by using a hot water bottle.  I also took painkillers to ease some of the achy feeling.

For brain fog I took a fish oil supplement which hopefully aided my transition.

Another way of avoiding crab flu is to slowly reduce carb intake – however we are all or nothing girls and we just preferred to go cold turkey!!

Do let me know if you have experienced any thing like carb flu when cutting carbs and adding fat to your diet?


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