Nutrition Study Update

Enid here!

This morning we had an early start – we were back in a Dublin University at 6.30am for a visit with researchers in the Nutrition Study that we are involved in.

For the past 24hrs we were doing a urine collection which was fairly revolting.  We handed over a large container of urine (gross!) and then as per our last visit we detailed all that we ate yesterday,

We then hopped up on the Tanita Scales to have our weight and body mass measured.  My body fat was the same as two weeks ago but Amy’s had gone down by 1%!  Go Amy!

We also gave 2ml of saliva in order for a DNA test to be carried out to show whether we are identical or fraternal twins.  We have been DNA tested before so we know we are identical but presumably the researchers need to have the results from their own test for their work to be considered sound.



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