Get your gym on!

Amy here!

It is difficult to find exercise that suits you and you like.  But that is the very thing that you must do!

Don’t like the gym?
There are lots and lots of things that don’t involve the gym but do involve working out

On your commute home from work why not get off the train or bus a couple of stops earlier – enough to do a 45 minute walk or a 30 minute run.

Learn to love the gym!
I never enjoyed the gym. That is until I actually spoke with my gym instructor and told her my goals and asked her to show me all the machines I should be using. She was so helpful, showed me every machine and suggested that I might like the Cross Trainer – which I LOVE now – and most importantly talked me through all the weights machines.  Now I regularly do weights which I absolutely adore and which I can really see working and sculpting my body (It is very rewarding “feeling the burn” in my muscles)

Group activity
Get a group together to play a group sport.  I play volleyball once a week.  It is so much fun.  It doesn’t feel like a workout, but my red face at the end of the session tells another story!

Running – try, try again
I’ve tried to run in the past.  It just never “worked” for me.
I am now running twice a week at lunchtime.  What’s different?
I am going out with a group – the group energy is fantastic.
I got myself a nice pair of running shoes.  I didn’t spend a fortune but enough that I feel supported and good while I am running.
I am running very very slowly.  I think in the past I simply ran too fast and could not keep going.  My aim now is just to stay running (slowly) for the distance or time I am aiming to go out for.  Next step is to up the pace.

Exercise Classes
I find it is great to follow an instructor.  I take spinning classes which I really enjoy.  It is good to have an instructor to guide you through the class and push you that little bit more.

Have you any advice on how to get more exercise into your life?

Leave a comment I love hearing what you think!

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