Working out on Low Carb High Fat

Enid here!

How to get results from working out:

  • Do Strength Training
  • Have patience
  • Believe in yourself
  • Don’t look for results on the scales
  • Look for changes in your body and measurements
  • Eat well – lots of fat and very little carbs

I works out with weights following the Fitness Blender YouTube workouts

Here’s some of the different kettle bells and weights that I use when I workouts.



All the weights get stored away in this very convenient storage hatch in my hallway.


Feel free to join in on the Fitness Blender workouts – here’s Day 1 of a 5 Day Challenge for Busy People (each workout is only a half hour long!)

For more information read this two great articles from Men’s Journal explaining all about fat and why we need it.  We especially like this one that outlines why a “pork chop trumps pasta” or this one that explains the High Fat diet.