Eating out on LCHF

Yesterday Amy and I met up in Dublin City and spent a fun day out and about.

We stopped off for breakfast when we first met and ate Bacon and Sausage.  We drank coffee which we added lots of cream to.

Later at lunchtime we decided to go to Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill on Dawson Street.  When eating LCHF and dining out, steaks are probably one of the easiest foods to choose.  Just remember to add extra butter or choose a creamy sauce and never cut off your fat!!

I should also mention that we completely ignored the bread basket that was put down in front of us when we sat down to order.

LCHF Eating

Both of us chose the rump steak special – the steak was covered in lots of Cafe de Paris herb butter.  We didn’t eat any fries as they are exactly what we avoid when eating LCHF.

Have you any Low Carb High Fat dining out tips?


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