LCHF in Starbucks

Eating Low Carb High Fat can be tough in Starbucks.  All of their pastry and sandwich items are not an option as they are too high carb.   While their coffees can be also be too low in fat. I overcome all of the above by ordering a plain black coffee (drip or Americano) which I then add a few pats of butter to.

You will need to ask the barista for butter because they keep them behind the counter to give you if you order a scone with jam. A further ingredient that I add to the butter and coffee is full fat cream (double cream is better than single cream).  I bring my own cream in a small container.  I do not ask the barista to add cream as I have a feeling that there is sugar or some sweet flavouring added to Starbucks cream.  I asked a Starbucks employee whether there was sugar added to their cream but they were unsure and couldn’t give me an exact Yes or No – so I don’t take the risk.

I stay well away from their pastries but if I do want a small snack I purchase a packet of almonds which they generally have near the cash register. I do find that I don’t tend to need the snack as the Coffee with Butter and Cream (we call it Magic Coffee!) tends to fill me up.

Coffee with cream and butter

Coffee with cream and butter

The above picture is a cappuccino with added Butter and Cream.  This is what I used to order but now I just have plain coffee to again avoid any sugar intake.



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