Alcohol and LCHF

You may wonder what the issue is with drinking alcohol while following an LCHF lifestyle.  Well we find that overindulging in alcohol can cause a lessening in will power and we may “slip” and end up eating something that we didn’t intend to.  The other thing is that if you drink so much to give yourself a hangover you may find that your body craves sugar the next day.

As part of our LCHF lifestyle we kicked our Diet Coke habit which unfortunately had an impact on our alcohol intake.  Normally we enjoy Vodka mixed with Diet Coke but needed an alternative in order stop us following off the wagon.

An alternative to the Diet Coke mixer is to have a Vodka and Tonic.  We find this much less sweet tasting than Diet Coke and in actual fact can only drink one or two vodkas as it can feel very dry on the mouth.

Another drink we enjoy is a glass of wine.  One or two glasses of red wine is about our maximum so this is always a good choice!

Red wine


All in all it is probably best to “Drink Smart”.  Stay away from beer and make a plan on a night out to choose a low sugar beverage.


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